Platform Overview

OpptyCan is an enterprise-grade platform that has been customized specifically for the cannabis industry to help companies increase sales, market to prospects, service customers and operate in an efficient and compliant way.

Product Features

OpptyCan’s custom built CRM & ERP based features eliminate the need to use multiple platforms to operate your business. Our platform works the way your business works.

Marketing and Campaigns

Achieve higher conversion rates and turn slow days into busy days with campaign management and marketing tools. Increase customer retention rates with loyalty programs. Run analytics for campaign effectiveness.

Analytics and Reports

OpptyCan gives you the ability to generate an unlimited amount of customized reports on your own containing the exact data that you want to see. Create charts, filters and pivot tables within reports. Export any custom report to .csv anytime, such as sales reports to load into accounting software.

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

Create supplier catalogs and buy products with purchase orders. Track inventory in multiple warehouses. Create bill of materials and production orders. Create sales orders and invoices for customers.

Maintain Data Security

All data that flows in our cloud, stored and transmitted in 256 bit encryption. Sensitive customer documents are stored with HIPAA compliant controls. Control data access to employees by applying security rules. Maintain complete control and ownership of your data forever!

Built for Speed

With an emphasis on speed and UI responsiveness, OpptyCan provides users with the ability to get work done fast! Create various entities, such as new products or new production orders easily and quickly by cloning similar entities and then editing a few fields.

Enterprise-Grade Platform

OpptyCan’s high-performing cloud platform runs on the highly reliable AWS platform and offers the most advanced business processes with real-time accuracy. OpptyCan is built to scale for thousands of users and products and millions of customers and orders.

Customer Satisfaction

Seamlessly communicate with and service your customers via SMS, email and live chat. Reduce staff burden with customer self-service features, such as the ability to place support tickets and request information. Help customers find the best products for their needs and lifestyle with guided selling tools.

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