Distribution Management

Drive more business, form more relationships and distribute more efficiently with OpptyCan.


Why spend so much money creating your own marketplace when OpptyCan meets your online transaction needs at a lower cost and has a future roadmap of ongoing features & enhancements.

Online Store and B2B Marketplace

OpptyCan gives distributors the option to create their own online store, use the OpptyCan B2B Marketplace, or use both! It’s now easier than ever for distributors to display products, communicate with customers and increase sales.

Optimize Deliveries

Seamlessly track orders, payments, sales reps, vehicles and inventory all on one platform. Deliver more efficiently with features like route optimization.

Make Money on the Beach

Buyers can discover new distributors and view their products on the B2B Marketplace. They can then purchase products directly from the marketplace. Purchase orders will automatically be created within the buyer’s account and a sales order will automatically be created within the distributor’s account.

Operations & Compliance

With an emphasis on supply chain management, distributors have all the tools they need to track inventory, generate purchase and sales orders and invoice customers all on one platform. OpptyCan’s Metrc integration makes it easy for distributors to stay compliant without having to do double data entry.

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